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I’m Alex Chisholm. Well sometimes I am. One of the characters in my thriller is similar in that respect. That’s where similarities cease.

Take a look at the cover of my novel. That’s Banana Pier you see sticking out into the North Sea at Aberdeen harbor. Can you guess why it’s called that?

Aberdeen’s the UK’s oil and gas city. It’s in Scotland. Scotland is a small country some of you might have heard about. It produced the singer Annie Lennox and there’s a connection. She and I appear to share relations from the tiny mountain village of Braemar. They went by the name of McHardy. One of the guys you’ll meet in the book is a McHardy, though he spells his name Mac. But then he’s good with names.

I’m not from Braemar. I was born in Rosemarkie and places don’t come much smaller than Rosemarkie – unless they’re Braemar.

This is not a book about Scotland, although in a way it is. Then it starts to travel. Hold onto your seats as when the story takes off – it really goes.

Let me know what you think.

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